Bob Koch's Deluxe Card Box

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The KOCH Card box is an evolutionary change to the classic flap card box. There are several features that moved it forward beyond what's available elsewhere. The box is the designed to carry your deck of cards. Why else would you have a wooden card box? This is not the first card box that will hold your deck, but this one is made out of thin 1/8” wood. The others are made of 1/4” wood, much bulkier and twice the weight. The box comes with two flaps, one magnetic locking, one non-locking. In your routines, you can use one, the other, or both.  Includes Michael Weber’s routine “ Things You Don’t Understand” created exclusively for Bob Koch’s Deluxe Card Box.

Two Flaps: One Locking, One Not.

Use one, the other, or both.  Do a double change and both flaps are locked. When it’s locked, it’s locked. Banging on the table won’t dislodge it.  
The included magnetic Sharpie can release the flap instantly. The Sharpie and box can be used for predictions and spirit slate effects.

Consistent grain pattern on the flaps and inside the box.

Unlike other wooden flap boxes, the grain of the wood does not change when the card changes. The grain on both sides of both flaps, and the inside top and bottom, of the box are consistent, accomplished by using six micro-thin sequential slices from the same log.

Big enough to carry a deck of cards, small enough to fit in your pocket.

The box is the designed to carry your deck of cards. It’s not the first card box that will hold a deck of cards, but we make it from ⅛” walnut. Other boxes are made of ¼” wood, twice as thick and twice the weight. 

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